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Welcome to ProForm Cut & Shave, a premier barber shop in Colorado Springs, CO, where you get more than a haircut; you get an experience. We blend high-class sophistication with edge and grit, delivering a hair service unlike any other. Our seasoned barbers, led by the punky prowess of the lead stylist, have mastered the art of tailoring styles to individual personas. We aspire to make every chair a throne, where everyone can experience the perfect alchemy of luxury and punk. Take a seat, enjoy the vibe, and leave not just looking fly, but with the knowledge to keep that swagger going strong at home. At ProForm Cut & Shave, we're not just cutting hair – we're sculpting confidence.

Meet the Family

Mike head the man behind ProForm Cut & Shave


Owner & Lead Barber

Mike Head, the man behind ProForm Cut & Shave, isn't your average guy with scissors and a comb. He's a storm of creativity ready to break the norms, a self-proclaimed punk behind the chair, and a maestro when it comes to hair. Mike's journey with hair styling hasn't just been a career, but a lifelong passion.

Years of cutting, trimming, and shaping hair have honed Mike's skills to near perfection. But, don't let his expertise intimidate you. This punky barber is all about making you feel at home while he works his magic. You'll not only walk out of his shop with a killer look but also the knowledge to recreate it yourself, thanks to his passion for client education.

As the founder and owner of ProForm Cut & Shave, Mike has created a haven where luxury meets street style. His tagline, "Punk in the Air, Luxury in the Chair" isn't just a catchy phrase, but a mantra he lives by. With every snip of his scissors, he's bringing a new level of punk style to the luxury hairstyling scene in Colorado Springs.

So, step into ProForm Cut & Shave and let Mike Head transform your look. Be ready, because once you've had a taste of his punk flair, you might just become his lifelong client.



Ella's unique approach to barbering is influenced by her love of the outdoors and her nerdy interests. When she isn't wielding her scissors and razors, Ella is either deep into her DND adventures or exploring the Colorado trails with her faithful canine companion. These personal passions are reflected in her craft, adding a touch of rugged individuality and imaginative flair to every hairstyle she creates.


Animals hold a special place in Ella's heart, which translates into her compassionate interaction with each client. She possesses an extraordinary ability to put people at ease, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed barbering experience. This extends to her commitment to creating hairstyles that not only look fantastic but also authentically represent each client's personality and personal style.


Pro Form's mantra of "Punk in the Air, Luxury in the Chair" encapsulates her approach to her work. It's about bringing an edge to the traditional barbering experience, infusing each haircut with a sense of fun and rebellion, while never compromising on the quality of the service. With Ella, every visit to the barber is more than just a routine haircut—it's a journey of hair transformation and personal expression.

Ella crafting hair stories with a punk twist
Alycia rebel stylist the color wizard



Hey there, hair daredevils! I'm Alycia, the color wizard with 18 years of rebellious hair mastery. Born and raised in the world of hair artistry (thanks, mom!), I kicked off my own hair revolution back in middle school. Why? Because who needs the same color for more than a week?

Fast forward, and I'm still rocking the hair game at ProForm Cut & Shave. My mission? Making you feel as bold and beautiful as you truly are, inside and out. I'm not just a stylist; I'm a confidence conjurer.

From grey coverage that defies aging to vivids that scream "I'm here!" – I'm your go-to gal. Highlights? Balayage? Consider it done with a touch of punk and a dash of rebellion. Your hair, your rules.

Step into my chair, and let's turn your hair story into a vibrant saga. Because life's too short for boring hair, and I'm here to make every strand count. Are you ready for a hair revolution? Alycia at ProForm Cut & Shave is your destination. Let's paint the town – and your hair – in the wildest hues! 



As a quirky barber with a fun sense of humor, I enjoy diving into LARPing, Dungeons and Dragons, and nerd culture, while rocking out to good punk music and immersing myself in video games. 

Beyond my love for these hobbies, I'm dedicated to my craft as a barber. I strive to not only give great haircuts but also provide a space where clients can unwind, chat about weird topics, conspiracy theories, or everyday life. I put my heart into both cutting hair and caring for others, aiming for every client to leave my chair feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. 

Coming from a lineage of hair artists, I am well-versed in various hair categories. From bold liberty spikes to vibrant Balayage colors to a sharp high and tight cut, I excel in all styles. Infused with my punk spirit, I bring a fun and distinctive touch to everything I create. 

Embracing all things grungy and unconventional, I welcome everyone into my chair with open arms. In my salon, there's a place for all, including the misfits who deserve love and a killer hairstyle.

Taryn where style meets nerd culture, larping.
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